About Us

Starting as a small group to create events, Orochi Co. Ltd. is now the leader in organizing Japanese Cultural Festivals in Vietnam. Due to the goodness of Japanese people, our duty is to popularize their culture to public. Moreover, we would like to create a playground for young Vietnamese generations who are interested in Japanese Manga and Anime.

After 4 years, we, who are professional, self-starters and enthusiasms, have brought the best things to the otaku and cosplayer community in Vietnam.

Beside that, Shopvit, a part of Orochi, is also well-known for some special Japanese handmade stuffs for the young indulging and loving Manga as well as Anime.


As the beginning part of our company, ShopVit is now one of the most famous stores for otaku's and cosplayers in Ho Chi Minh City. Almost our products are handmade and printed with the best quality. Besides, ShopVit is also known for the variety of products that are always updated with the newest Japanese manga's and anime's.

Our Events

After several years, Orochi has been trusted and remembered by the youth through some our specific events, such as Haru Matsuri, Natsu Matsuri, Aki Matsuri and Fuyu Matsuri.

Each Matsuri, which are organized in each season of the year at both Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi - the capital of Vietnam, is now a very common playground for Vietnamese youth.

Haru Matsuri (2014 - present)

Haru Matsuri Fanpage

Time to bloom, time to love. Debuted in 2014, the youngest child among the Matsuri family successfully captivate most attractions of locals with its youth and passion at the very traditional and ancient culture of the rising sun country, which is called Japan.

Natsu Matsuri (2011 - present)

Natsu Matsuri Fanpage

The biggest event of the year is coming soon with a giant exploration of fun and fantasies. No questions, no doubts, no wonders, just step in and be "COOL".

Aki Matsuri (2011 - present)

Aki Matsuri Fanpage

A rewind tape of the very old days of the Japan, where a peaceful life remains at its naïve way. If you want to discover the beautiful history, you are much welcomed here.

Fuyu Matsuri (2012 - present)

Fuyu Matsuri Fanpage

Rock the world, we rock the season. Get ready for non-stop ride at games. Play to the top, no flop, just make a shot and we do it. A festive time for everyone to gather, play together, have fun together ….before the new year comes.



Main Office:

Address: 599 Nguyen Trai Street - Ward 7 - District 5 - Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (84) 938 744 938

Email: hoang.nguyen@orochi.vn


Address: 152 Nguyen Thai Binh Street - Ward 12 - Tan Binh District - Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (84) 988 699 778

Email: an.dang@orochi.vn

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